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Single-incision surgery: the newest minimally invasive surgical technique

Get back to living with an innovative surgical option. Presence Saint Joseph Hospital now offers the most advanced minimally invasive surgical procedure—single-incision surgery. Single-incision surgery is performed with one tiny incision through the belly button. This makes it virtually scarless.



Single-incision surgery offers all the benefits of other minimally invasive surgeries, including less pain, less blood loss, shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery—plus, it's virtually scarless.

See one patient's story about her single-incision hysterectomy:

Single-incision surgeons

We also offer many other minimally invasive surgical options.

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery is any surgical technique that does not require a large incision. This surgical approach allows the patient to recuperate faster with less pain.

Patient benefits:

  • Less pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Quicker recovery
  • Less scaring


Not all conditions are suitable for minimally invasive surgery, however many procedures in a variety of specialties can now be performed minimally invasive:

Common minimally invasive surgical techniques

  • Laparoscopic - Laparoscopy is often used during surgery to look inside the body and avoid making large incisions. Tissue samples may also be taken for examination and testing.
  • Robotic - Saint Joseph Hospital is a proud leader in robotic surgery. We offer robot-assisted surgery for various gynecological and urological conditions using the most advanced technology available - the high definition da Vinci Si Surgical System.
  • Endoscopy - a test that uses a small, flexible tube with a light and a camera lens at the end (endoscope) to examine the inside of part of the digestive tract. Tissue samples from inside the digestive tract may also be taken for examination and testing.
  • Arthroscopy - with the use of an endoscope, surgeons can look at the interior of a joint. This technique is most often used to inspect the inside of the knee joint.

Check out what some of our patients are saying about their minimally invasive surgery experiences:

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